WHAT--is the Roland-Story District Foundation?

The Roland-Story School District Foundation was established in 1986 to provide financial support to the Roland-Story Schools.  It provides an opportunity for community members to partner with the school board in supporting the educational programs and activities of the district.

The Foundation’s purpose is to maintain, develop, increase, and extend the facilities and services of the school district and to provide broader educational opportunities to its students, staff and the residents of the area.

The Foundation is a corporation chartered by the State of Iowa and governed by a separate Board of Trustees.  The Foundation can solicit and receive tax-deductible gifts, and allows donors to give a specific gift without needing to set up a separate trust account.


WHY--become involved in the Roland-Story School District Foundation?

Tax revenues are the basis of, but do not completely support the educational demands of any school system.

The foundation allows individuals and businesses who are interested in continuing and expanding programs of quality education in our local communities with an oppotunity to do so.  Private contributions will enhance and enrich curriculum offerings, the arts, library acquisitions, technical equipment, extra curricular activities, career opportunities in the form of scholarships and campus development.  Contributions will not be used for routine expenditures.  They will be used to provide additional educational opportunities.


HOW--is the Roland-Story School District Foundation achieving today and planning for tomorrow?

The following are examples of activities that the Foundation could support:

1)      Scholarships - awarded to graduating seniors

2)      Enhancement of academic programs, summer school, computer education, etc.

3)      Promotions of extra curricular activities, including fine arts

4)      Material Gifts-donations of material gifts that the school could use

5)      Establishing memorials (gifts in memory or in honor of someone)

6)      Establishing an endowment fund

7)      Appreciation/recognition awards


AN INVITATION -- to become a partner in achieving today and planning for tomorrow.

Your support is needed to help the Roland-Story School District achieve today and prepare for tomorrow!  All gifts, small and large, are needed and appreciated.

The Foundation depends on both financial contributions and volunteers.  The Foundation will continue to grow and achieve its goals with your support.

A perpetual, named scholarship can be established with a minimum amount set by the Board of Trustees.  The donor may set the criteria for that award.  One time scholarships may be offered for lesser amounts.  The Foundation will manage and ensure that funds are used as intended.

Your contribution is an investment in the future of our school and communities.


The Foundation is ready to accept your tax-deductible contribution today. To donate online CLICK HERE! To download the contribution form and mail in a check CLICK HERE! If you have questions, please contact the Foundation secretary at 515-733-4301.  Please make checks payable to: