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Principal: Mr. Brian Town


New Start & Dismissal Times for 2017-2018 

5th-8th Grade 8:30-3:30

*5th/6th Grade Story City Town Students (only) Dismiss at 3:20


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Preschool- 12th Grade


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Upcoming Early Dismissals


Wednesday, April 25

5th/6th 1:00

7th/8th 1:15




5th Grade DARE Graduation

Thursday, April 26

2:30 PM 

RSMS South Gymnasium




RSMS Band & Vocal Dates


7/8 Band Concert

Tuesday, April 24

7:00 pm


Adults- $3.00  Children-free


5/6 Band & Vocal Concert

Monday, May 14

5th 6:45 pm

6th 7:30 pm

No Admission Cost





Boys' and Girls' Track Photos

Track photos will be taken on the following dates right after school: 

Boys - Thursday, May 3rd

Girls - Monday, May 7th




R-S MS Practice/Bus Schedule


Monday 4/23

            7th /8th Boys Track Practice (Story City)                3:45

            7th/8th Girls Track @ South Hardin (Eldora)   4:30  Bus leaves at 3:00. Athletes dismissed at 2:50.


Shuttle will pick up Boys Track in Story City at 5:10 and drop off in Roland.



Tuesday 4/24

            7th/8th Boys Track Practice (Story City)                 3:45

            7th/8th Girls Track Practice   (Roland)                     3:30


Shuttle will pick up Girls Track at 4:50 in Roland and drop off in Story City.  Shuttle will pick up Boys Track in Story City at 5:10 and drop off in Roland.



Wednesday 4/25

            No Practices – Early Out


Thursday 4/26       

            7th/8th Girls Track Practice   (Roland)                                 3:30

            7th/8th Boys Track @ Ballard (Huxley) 4:30     Bus leaves at 3:20. Athletes dismissed at 3:10.


Shuttle will pick up Girls Track at 4:50 in Roland and drop off in Story City. 



Friday 4/27

            7th/8th Boys Track Practice (Story City)                 3:45

            7th/8th Girls Track Practice   (Roland)                     3:30


Shuttle will pick up Girls Track at 4:50 in Roland and drop off in Story City.  Shuttle will pick up Boys Track in Story City at 5:10 and drop off in Roland.







See what's happening during our

NORSE STRONG time here at RSMS...


On Mondays this year, students will have the opportunity to experience coding with what is called “unplugged activities.”  Unplugged means the students get to do some hands on experiences that are related to coding. Each grade level will explore different aspects of coding throughout the school year.

-Mrs. Lyman


In Mrs. Friest’s NORSE STRONG time we are learning about the program Garage Band on our music iPads.  Our ultimate goal is to be able to compose music and record a three-part composition.  We want students to be exposed to the uses of garage band in the future with their presentations or other needs.  We learn about copyright and the use of other’s music.  We are also learning about chord progressions, how to create music that makes a musical sentence and how to choose instruments that create an effective combination to present our musical ideas.  Having these skills allows students to create music in a fun and meaningful way.

            -Mrs. Friest


This year in my NORSE STRONG we will be focusing on movie music and the ties current movie music has to 19th Century Opera. Students will be learning the importance of a movie soundtrack and score, and the impact this music can have on the story! Students will also learn about early operatic composers, including Richard Wagner, and his use of musical themes for characters in his operas. At the end of the year students will have a greater understanding of how composers hundreds of years ago made such an impact on current movie scores!                                                                                      

-Ms. Bader


Fun things are happening in the library during NORSE STRONG!  The students can choose to create with Legos, Q-BA-Maze marble run, color on fabric to make wall hangings, as well as work with three different sized hat looms to make stocking hats (donated to hospital), friendship bracelets, mandalas, crocheting, knitting, pot holder looms, and Makey-Makeys.  We have some very creative kids here at the middle school!

-Mrs. Bidne


During Mr. Oleson's first rotation of NORSE STRONG, our RSMS students viewed a video of Matthew McConaughey accepting an Academy Award for Best Actor. During this clip, Matthew acknowledges that there are three things that he needs in his life each day. These include someone to look up to, someone/something to look forward to, and someone/something to chase.  After watching the video, Mr. Oleson shared who he looks up to, looks forward to, and what it is he chases. The students were then given time to do the same while utilizing their Chromebooks and a Google Doc where they wrote who they look up to, what they look forward to, and what they chase. They were asked to elaborate on their three specific points. Students then had the option to share their document with a family member or a friend. Many students voluntarily shared their document with Mr. Oleson, which was fabulous. As students embraced the three things they wrote about, Mr. Oleson pointed out the importance of recognizing what it is we look up to, look forward to, and what we chase because it defines who we are and what we become as individuals. If we have great things filling these categories, we will easily be able to experience greatness. On the other hand, if negative things fill up these spots, less than positive outcomes can be expected. In short, be smart with what it is we look up to, look forward to, and what we chase each day, week, month and year - because it will define one's character and the mission statement of one's life.  

            -Mr. Oleson


During NORSE STRONG time in the art room we are doing two different activities. The first activity happens on Tuesday and is a commutative drawing project. Students are collaboratively working on a drawing given to them each Tuesday morning. Prompts are given each morning for students to add to the drawing. Some prompts are specific and others more open-ended. Students are asked to problem solve and make decisions each Tuesday to make this final poster image come together.  For me, it has been fun to see reactions from students towards their peers work.  We have a unique opportunity to share drawing talents in grades 5-8.  The goal is for our collaborative posters to be on display around the school by second semester.

           Thursday during NORSE STRONG I have been showing a Ted Talk video that discusses the mathematics and science connections to origami and how society has used concepts from origami to develop some pretty important items. Some items discussed are telescopes used in space, air bags, and medical stents. Upon completion of the Ted Talk we are collaboratively working on an installation piece that will be made up of origami cranes, as cranes are a symbol of good luck and longevity. 

            Ms. Starrett


Reading PLC is working on a live newsletter of events going on here at Roland-Story Middle School.  Our students are currently working in groups on creating articles over the following topics: athletics, fine arts, what's happening, opinions, and advertisements.  Our students will be publishing these articles to a Wix website that is based upon Roland-Story Middle School.

                  -Reading PLC


The Math PLC is engaging students in activities that strengthen their computation of critical math concepts.  This will be followed by mixed grade level math genius projects that culminate with a math exhibition presented by the students. 

            -Math PLC


The RSMS Science PLC is working with students on the metric system during NORSE STRONG time.  Students are working within their grade level groups during the first 12 weeks.  The areas of the metric system being covered include: 

Prefixes (such as kilo-, centi-, and milli-)

Converting measurements within the metric system

Measuring length, mass, and volume using the metric system

The metric system in the real world

Individually paced assignments, group work, and labs will be used at each grade level to help each student learn the metric system during this time.  The goal for the Science PLC is for each middle school student to develop a better understanding of the metric system which will lead to a mastery of several different facets of the metric system.

            -Science PLC




Norsemen Food Pantry is Open!

Attention Roland-Story families! The food pantry is available to all of our families in the district who may need assistance. The food pantry, thanks to support from the Food Bank of Iowa and our local chapter of Kiwanis International, will offer non-perishable food items, frozen food, dairy products and produce, as well as a variety of paper products and cleaning supplies.


 Every Sunday from 4:00-6:00 p.m.


Appointments are not necessary. Families are asked to bring bags, boxes or laundry baskets to carry food home although some boxes will be available. To make a donation to the Norsemen Food Pantry or ask questions, please call Roland-Story Middle School at (515) 388-4348.



To improve the safety for our students, RSMS has created a new location for parent pick-up and drop-off on the NORTH side of our building.  Parents have the entire stretch of Elm Street (now a ONE WAY STREET) to drop off their child with sidewalk access into our building.  We ask that students use the sidewalks available instead of walking through the grass or mud.  Please click on the link below to see a map of the new location.  Any questions please call Mr. Town at 388-4348.  

Click here for link to map



Athletic Physicals

Any student, grades 7-12, planning on participating in school sports this year is required to have a physical, insurance, risk form, and concussion form on file in the office prior to practicing.  Please come to the office for the proper forms to take to the doctor or download the form below. The doctor does not usually have all the necessary forms to fill out.

Click here to download Athletic Physical Form


Yearly Physicals and Changes to Vaccine Requirements

A yearly physical is an important part of your child's health & well-being. Physicals are valid for 13 months and cover the sports physical requirements, as well as ensures you are informed of all vaccine requirements and recommendations. This is an excellent time to call your McFarland provider for a check up.   

New State Requirement for 7th Grade Students

New for the 2017-2018 school year is a state requirement to have 1 dose of the meningitis ACWY vaccine for incoming 7th graders, and 2 doses for incoming 12th graders. This vaccine is routinely encouraged at your child's 11 year and 16 year well visits, but if your child has not received theirs yet please contact your McFarland Clinic provider to schedule a visit. There is no grace period allowed after the start of school this fall.




Visit the Norse Nurse's webpage for updates and info on current illnesses, plus information and resources for overall good health.  

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