Our Mission
“Building a foundation of lifetime learning for our students, families, and communities.”
Four student-centered questions guide our curriculum, assessment, instruction, and professional development to create systematic support to promote and develop each student’s success:
  1. What do we expect all students to learn?
  2. How will we know our students have learned it?
  3. How will we respond if they do not learn it?
  4. How will we respond if they already know it?



Michelle Soderstrum
Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction Coordinator
1009 Story Street
Story City, IA 50248
Students will have an equal opportunity for a quality education without discrimination, regardless of their race, religion, socioeconomic status, color, creed, sex, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. The education program is free of discrimination and provides equal opportunity for the students.