1009 Story Street, Story City, Iowa 50248 

phone (515) 733-4329  fax (515) 733-2131

Principal: Mr. Justin Boliver







Tuesday, March 21st, 2023 #128 “F”


This Week’s Menu 

Tuesday Breakfast: Ham Breakfast Bar, Graham Crackers, Apple/Banana/Orange, Milk

Tuesday Lunch: Chicken Tacos, Fiesta Black Beans, Mandarin Oranges, Milk

Wednesday Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza, Apple/Banana/Orange, Milk

Wednesday Lunch: Corndog, Peas, Mixed Fruit, Milk

Thursday Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll, Go Gurt, Apple/Banana/Orange, Milk

Thursday Lunch: Chicken & Gravy w. Biscuits, Mashed Potatoes, Peaches, Milk

Friday Breakfast: Cereal, Poptart, Apple/Banana/Orange, Milk

Friday Lunch: Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup, Baby Carrots, Apple Slices, Milk



Birthdays this Week πŸ₯³

Monday 3/20- Mrs. Fetterer

Tuesday 3/21- Aaron Peyton

Thursday 3/23- Hailey Crabtree, Reagan Faber

Sunday 3/26- Isaac Dose


πŸ‘šπŸ‘–Roland Story High School Clothing Closet: Click here for more information! πŸ‘—πŸ‘”


FFA Meeting Friday, March 24 at 7:55am in the AG Room!



R-S PTO Presents: School Staff Monthly Recognition Program: Let's recognize teachers, staff and administrators who demonstrate dedication, professionalism, excellence and FUN in the classroom! Anyone can nominate anyone – a student can nominate a teacher, a teacher can nominate a bus driver, a parent can nominate a member of the lunch staff, etc. There are NO SMALL gestures that shouldn't go noticed. Each month, a winner will be drawn from each school to receive a gift card to a local place of their choosing provided by the RS PTO. Nominations are due by the end of each month for that month’s drawing. Please see the linked form for more information and to submit your nomination! NOMINATION FORM


COUNSELOR FOLDER (9-12)-Click here

Scholarships πŸ’°

Story City American Legion 0059 Scholarship due 3/31 4:00pm

Bethany Life Foundation Scholarship  Download a copy and fill it out 

Due 3/31

Story City/Lafayette Twp. Firefighters Scholarship due 4/21

Story Medical Center Foundation Scholarship   Due 4/14

Story City Lions Club Scholarship Due 4/1

Dale W. Henricks by Story City EDC Due 4/1

The Roland Post 307/Jim and Marylin Hanson Scholarship- Due 4/1

William Applegate Volunteerism Scholarship  Due 4/1

Thrills Scholarship - Due 4/1

 CIBR Scholarship Application - Due 4/28

Ag Coop Safety Directors of Iowa Scholarship  Due 4/28

P.E.O. Chapter FZ Scholarship Due 4/7 $600

πŸ’°Scholarships Link

(will be updated as we receive them in the Counselor's Office)





Dates to Remember

3/27- IHSSA Individual Speech All State

4/1- IHSMA Solo/Ensemble Contest

4/4- Iowa Jazz Championships

4/17-4/21- ISASP Testing

4/29- Prom







RSHS Extra-Curricular Attendance Policy: RSHS students are expected to be in attendance for the entire school day in order to participate in athletic or fine arts practices, games, or concerts. A student cannot stay home in the morning because they don't feel well, come to school during the day, and then participate after school. They would be allowed to attend practice or game, but would not be able to participate. Students with an Excused Absence will be allowed to participate. Examples of an excused absence would be: doctor or dentist appointment, funeral, etc. These types of absence should be pre-arranged with the high school office. A doctor's note is required upon the student's return to school in order to participate. 






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