Jeff Wellik, Transportation Director


Jeff Wellik, Transportation Director

 Central Office Phone:  515-733-4301

 Mr. Wellik's Cell Phone:  515-708-1494


Elementary Drop Off/Pick Up Traffic Flow

We are looking for a volunteer to ride along with the driver on the mid-day route.  If interested in volunteering contact Jeff Wellik at 515-708-1494.

2021-2022 Bus Routes 

AM Preschool Drop Off

AM Preschool Early Out Drop Off

PM Preschool & Pre-K Pick Up

PM Preschool Early Out Pick Up

PM Preschool Drop Off

PM Preschool Early Out Drop Off

Pre-K Only

Shuttle Bus Times  

Brian Richardson - Purple Route        Roger Lawrence - Orange Route

Paul Teig - Gray Route                  Don Braathun - Green Route 

2021-2022  Discretionary Busing Information

Discretionary Busing Sign Up Form

Discretionary Busing Online Payment 

 Map of Roland Discrectionary Bus Stops (Dixie Johnson) 

Map of Story City Discrectionary Bus Stops (Brice Haskin) 

Discretionary Busing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Drivers are required to have a Class B CDL with air brakes, passenger, and school bus endorsements. The district will help in getting licensed and certified to drive. Substitute drivers may also have opportunities to drive to events. Contact Jeff Wellik at 515-450-5930 to set up an interview.